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      vb   , scans, scanning, scanned  
1    tr   to scrutinize minutely  
2    tr   to glance over quickly  
3    tr     (Prosody)   to read or analyse (verse) according to the rules of metre and versification  
4    intr     (Prosody)   to conform to the rules of metre and versification  
5    tr     (Electronics)   to move a beam of light, electrons, etc., in a predetermined pattern over (a surface or region) to obtain information, esp. either to sense and transmit or to reproduce a television image  
6    tr   to examine data stored on (magnetic tape, etc.), usually in order to retrieve information  
7    to examine or search (a prescribed region) by systematically varying the direction of a radar or sonar beam  
8      (Physics)   to examine or produce or be examined or produced by a continuous charge of some variable  
to scan a spectrum     
9      (Med)   to obtain an image of (a part of the body) by means of a scanner  
10    the act or an instance of scanning  
11      (Med)  
a    the examination of a part of the body by means of a scanner  
a brain scan, ultrasound scan     
b    the image produced by a scanner  
     (C14: from Late Latin scandere to scan (verse), from Latin: to climb)  
  scannable      adj  

helical scan  
      n   modifier   denoting a recording technique used with video tapes in which the recorded tracks on the tape are segments of a helix  
a helical-scan tape     
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check, check out     (informal)   clock     (Brit. slang)   con     (archaic)   examine, eye, eyeball     (U.S. slang)   get a load of     (informal)   glance over, investigate, look one up and down, look through, recce     (slang)   run one's eye over, run over, scour, scrutinize, search, size up     (informal)   skim, survey, sweep, take a dekko at     (Brit. slang)   take stock of  

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