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1    wild; untamed  
savage beasts of the jungle     
2    ferocious in temper; vicious  
a savage dog     
3    uncivilized; crude  
savage behaviour     
4    (of peoples) nonliterate or primitive  
a savage tribe     
5    (of terrain) rugged and uncultivated  
6    Obsolete   far from human habitation  
7    a member of a nonliterate society, esp. one regarded as primitive  
8    a crude or uncivilized person  
9    a fierce or vicious person or animal  
      vb   tr  
10    to criticize violently  
11    to attack ferociously and wound  
the dog savaged the child     
     (C13: from Old French sauvage, from Latin silvaticus belonging to a wood, from silva a wood)  
  savagedom      n  
   savagely             adv  
  savageness      n  
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