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1    final permission; authorization  
2    aid or encouragement  
3    something, such as an ethical principle, that imparts binding force to a rule, oath, etc.  
4    the penalty laid down in a law for contravention of its provisions  
5    often pl   a coercive measure, esp. one taken by one or more states against another guilty of violating international law  
      vb   tr  
6    to give authority to; permit  
7    to make authorized; confirm  
     (C16: from Latin sanctio the establishment of an inviolable decree, from sancire to decree)  
  sanctionable      adj  
  sanctioner      n  
  sanctionless      adj  

pragmatic sanction  
      n   an edict, decree, or ordinance issued with the force of fundamental law by a sovereign  
sanction mark  
      n   a mark on pieces of 19th-century French furniture signifying that the piece met the quality standards required by the Parisian guild of ebonists  
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1    allowance, approbation, approval, authority, authorization, backing, confirmation, countenance, endorsement, O.K. or okay     (informal)   ratification, stamp or seal of approval, support  
2      (often plural)    ban, boycott, coercive measures, embargo, penalty  
3    allow, approve, authorize, back, countenance, endorse, entitle, lend one's name to, permit, support, vouch for  
4    confirm, ratify, warrant  
,       n  
1    ban, disapproval, embargo, prohibition, proscription, refusal, veto  
2    approbation, approval, authority, authorization, dispensation, licence, permission  
      vb   ban, boycott, disallow, forbid, refuse, reject, veto  

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It is right of every netizen to hold any opinion in cyberspace without any sanction.
[Tech.] freedom of expression
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