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safety belt


1       another name for       seat belt  
2    a belt or strap worn by a person working at a great height and attached to a fixed object to prevent him from falling  
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seat belt  
1      (Also called)    safety belt          a belt or strap worn in a vehicle to restrain forward motion in the event of a collision  
2    a similar belt or strap worn in an aircraft at takeoff and landing and in rough weather  

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      n   pl   , -ties  
1    the quality of being safe  
2    freedom from danger or risk of injury  
3    a contrivance or device designed to prevent injury  
4      (American football)  
a      (Also called)    safetyman   either of two players who defend the area furthest back in the field  
b    a play in which the offensive team causes the ball to cross its own goal line and then grounds the ball behind that line, scoring two points for the opposing team  
   Compare       touchback  

factor of safety  
      n   the ratio of the breaking stress of a material or structure to the calculated maximum stress when in use,   (Also called)    safety factor  
place of safety order  
      n     (Social welfare, law)   (in Britain) under the Children and Young Persons Act 1969, an order granted by a justice to a person or agency granting authority to detain a child or young person and take him or her to a place of safety for not more than 28 days, because of the child's actual or likely ill-treatment or neglect, etc.  
safety belt  
1       another name for       seat belt  
2    a belt or strap worn by a person working at a great height and attached to a fixed object to prevent him from falling  
safety catch  
      n   a device to prevent the accidental operation of a mechanism, e.g. in a firearm or lift  
safety chain  
      n   a chain on the fastening of a bracelet, watch, etc., to ensure that it cannot open enough to fall off accidentally,   (Also called)    guard  
safety curtain  
      n   a curtain made of fireproof material that can be lowered to separate the auditorium and stage in a theatre to prevent the spread of a fire  
safety factor  
      n      another name for       factor of safety  
safety film  
      n   photographic film consisting of a nonflammable cellulose acetate or polyester base  
safety fuse  
1    a slow-burning fuse for igniting detonators from a distance  
2    an electrical fuse that protects a circuit from overloading  
safety glass  
      n   glass made by sandwiching a layer of plastic or resin between two sheets of glass so that if broken the fragments will not shatter  
Safety Islands  
      pl n   a group of three small French islands in the Atlantic, off the coast of French Guiana,   (French name)    Îles du Salut  
safety lamp  
      n   an oil-burning miner's lamp in which the flame is surrounded by a metal gauze to prevent it from igniting combustible gas,   (Also called)    Davy lamp  
safety match  
      n   a match that will light only when struck against a specially prepared surface  
safety net  
1    a net used in a circus to catch high-wire and trapeze artistes if they fall  
2    any means of protection from hardship or loss, such as insurance  
safety pin  
1    a spring wire clasp with a covering catch, made so as to shield the point when closed and to prevent accidental unfastening  
2       another word for       pin       9  
safety razor  
      n   a razor with a guard or guards fitted close to the cutting edge or edges so that deep cuts are prevented and the risk of accidental cuts reduced  
safety valve  
1    a valve in a pressure vessel that allows fluid to escape when a predetermined level of pressure has been reached  
2    a harmless outlet for emotion, energy, etc.  

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assurance, cover, immunity, impregnability, protection, refuge, sanctuary, security, shelter  

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