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run down


      vb   mainly adv  
1    to cause or allow (an engine, battery, etc.) to lose power gradually and cease to function or (of an engine, battery, etc.) to do this  
2    to decline or reduce in number or size  
the firm ran down its sales force     
3    tr, usually passive   to tire, sap the strength of, or exhaust  
he was thoroughly run down and needed a holiday     
4    tr   to criticize adversely; denigrate; decry  
5    tr   to hit and knock to the ground with a moving vehicle  
6      (Nautical)  
a    tr   to collide with and cause to sink  
b    intr, prep   to navigate so as to move parallel to (a coast)  
7    tr   to pursue and find or capture  
to run down a fugitive     
8    tr   to read swiftly or perfunctorily  
he ran down their list of complaints     
9    tired; exhausted  
10    worn-out, shabby, or dilapidated  
11    a brief review, résumé, or summary  
12    the process of a motor or mechanism coming gradually to a standstill after the source of power is removed  
13    a reduction in number or size  
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briefing, outline, précis, recap     (informal)   résumé, review, run-through, sketch, summary, synopsis  

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