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1    insulting or uncivil; discourteous; impolite  
he was rude about her hairstyle     
2    lacking refinement; coarse or uncouth  
3    vulgar or obscene  
a rude joke     
4    unexpected and unpleasant  
a rude awakening to the facts of economic life     
5    roughly or crudely made  
we made a rude shelter on the island     
6    rough or harsh in sound, appearance, or behaviour  
7    humble or lowly  
8    prenominal   robust or sturdy  
in rude health     
9    prenominal   approximate or imprecise  
a rude estimate     
     (C14: via Old French from Latin rudis coarse, unformed)  
  rudely      adv  
   rudeness            (informal)  
  rudery      n  
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