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1    a usual or regular method of procedure, esp. one that is unvarying  
2      (Computing)   a program or part of a program performing a specific function  
an input routine, an output routine     
3    a set sequence of dance steps  
4    Informal   a hackneyed or insincere speech  
5    of, relating to, or characteristic of routine  
     (C17: from Old French, from route a customary way, route)  
  routinely      adv  

      n     (Computing)   a section of a computer program similar to but differing from a subroutine in that it can be left and re-entered at any point  
escape routine  
      n     (Computing)   a means of leaving a computer-program sequence before its end, in order to commence another sequence  
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1    custom, formula, grind     (informal)   groove, method, order, pattern, practice, procedure, programme, usage, way, wont  
2      (informal)   act, bit     (informal)   line, performance, piece, spiel     (informal)  
3    conventional, customary, everyday, familiar, habitual, normal, ordinary, standard, typical, usual, wonted, workaday  
4    boring, clichéd, dull, hackneyed, humdrum, mind-numbing, predictable, run-of-the-mill, shtick     (slang)   tedious, tiresome, unimaginative, uninspired, unoriginal  
,       adj   abnormal, different, exceptional, irregular, special, unusual  

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a detail-oriented document clearly outlining the objectives of the project like technical , terms and financial aspects of the software project .These software proposals helps the Business Professionals to automate routine tasks.
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