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1    (of a surface) not smooth; uneven or irregular  
2    (of ground) covered with scrub, boulders, etc.  
3    denoting or taking place on uncultivated ground  
rough grazing, rough shooting     
4    shaggy or hairy  
5    turbulent; agitated  
a rough sea     
6    (of the performance or motion of something) uneven; irregular  
a rough engine     
7    (of behaviour or character) rude, coarse, ill mannered, inconsiderate, or violent  
8    harsh or sharp  
rough words     
9    Informal   severe or unpleasant  
a rough lesson     
10    (of work, a task, etc.) requiring physical rather than mental effort  
11    Informal   ill or physically upset  
he felt rough after an evening of heavy drinking     
12    unfair or unjust  
rough luck     
13    harsh or grating to the ear  
14    harsh to the taste  
15    without refinement, luxury, etc.  
16    not polished or perfected in any detail; rudimentary; not elaborate  
rough workmanship, rough justice     
17    not prepared or dressed  
rough gemstones     
18    (of a guess, estimate, etc.) approximate  
19      (Austral)  
informal   (of a chance) not good  
20    having the sound of h; aspirated  
21    rough on  
Informal     (chiefly Brit)  
a    severe towards  
b    unfortunate for (a person)  
22    the rough side of one's tongue   harsh words; a reprimand, rebuke, or verbal attack  
23    rough ground  
24    a sketch or preliminary piece of artwork  
25    an unfinished or crude state (esp. in the phrase in the rough)  
26    the rough     (Golf)   the part of the course bordering the fairways where the grass is untrimmed  
27    the side of a tennis or squash racket on which the binding strings form an uneven line  
28    Informal   a rough or violent person; thug  
29    the unpleasant side of something (esp. in the phrase take the rough with the smooth)  
30    in a rough manner; roughly  
31    sleep rough   to spend the night in the open; be without a home or without shelter  
32    tr   to make rough; roughen  
33    tr; foll by: out, in etc   to prepare (a sketch, report, piece of work, etc.) in preliminary form  
34    rough it  
Informal   to live without the usual comforts or conveniences of life,   (See also)        rough out       rough up  
     (Old English ruh; related to Old Norse ruksa, Middle Dutch ruge, ruwe, German rauh)  
  roughness      n  

1    crude, unpolished, or hastily prepared, but sufficient for the purpose  
2    (of a person) without formality or refinement; rudely vigorous  
  rough-and-readiness      n  
1    a fight or scuffle without rules  
2    characterized by roughness, disorderliness, and disregard for rules or conventions  
rough breathing  
      n   (in Greek) the sign (<rough>) placed over an initial letter, or a second letter if the word begins with a diphthong, indicating that (in ancient Greek) it was pronounced with an h  
   Compare       smooth breathing  
rough collie  
      n   a large long-haired collie having a distinctive ruff and a long narrow head without a pronounced stop  
      n   a first edited version of a film with the scenes in sequence and the soundtrack synchronized  
rough diamond  
1    an unpolished diamond  
2    an intrinsically trustworthy or good person with uncouth manners or dress  
1    (of clothes or linen) dried ready for pressing  
      vb   , -dries, -drying, -dried  
2    tr   to dry (clothes or linen) without smoothing or pressing  
rough fish  
      n   a fish that is neither a sport fish nor useful as food or bait for sport fish  
      vb   , -hews, -hewing, -hewed, -hewed, -hewn   tr  
1    to cut or hew (timber, stone, etc.) roughly without finishing the surface  
2      (Also)    roughcast   to shape roughly or crudely  
rough-legged buzzard  
      n   a buzzard, Buteo lagopus, of Europe, Asia, and North America, having feathers covering its legs  
rough music  
      n   (formerly) a loud cacophony created with tin pans, drums, etc., esp. as a protest or demonstration of indignation outside someone's house  
rough out  
      vb   tr, adv  
1       See       rough       33  
2      (Engineering)   to machine (a workpiece, such as a casting or forging) with heavy cuts leaving a rough surface to be finished  
rough passage  
1    a stormy sea journey  
2    a difficult or testing time  
rough puff pastry  
      n   a rich flaky pastry made with butter and used for pie-crusts, flans, etc.  
rough spin  
      n     (N.Z.)  
informal   hard or unfair treatment  
      adj   rude or uncouth in speech; blunt  
rough stuff  
Informal   violence  
rough trade  
Slang   (in homosexual use) a tough or violent sexual partner, esp. a lorry driver, construction worker, or docker, casually picked up  
rough up  
      vb   tr, adv  
1    Informal   to treat violently; beat up  
2    to cause (feathers, hair, etc.) to stand up by rubbing against the grain  
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1    broken, bumpy, craggy, irregular, jagged, rocky, rugged, stony, uneven  
2    bristly, bushy, coarse, dishevelled, disordered, fuzzy, hairy, shaggy, tangled, tousled, uncut, unshaven, unshorn  
3    agitated, boisterous, choppy, inclement, squally, stormy, tempestuous, turbulent, wild  
4    bearish, bluff, blunt, brusque, churlish, coarse, curt, discourteous, ill-bred, ill-mannered, impolite, inconsiderate, indelicate, loutish, rude, unceremonious, uncivil, uncouth, uncultured, ungracious, unmannerly, unpolished, unrefined, untutored  
5    boisterous, cruel, curt, drastic, extreme, hard, harsh, nasty, rowdy, severe, sharp, tough, unfeeling, unjust, unpleasant, violent  
6      (informal)   below par, ill, not a hundred per cent     (informal)   off colour, poorly     (informal)   ropey or ropy     (Brit. informal)   rotten     (informal)   sick, under the weather     (informal)   unwell, upset  
7    cacophonous, discordant, grating, gruff, harsh, husky, inharmonious, jarring, rasping, raucous, unmusical  
8    arduous, austere, hard, rugged, spartan, tough, uncomfortable, unpleasant, unrefined  
9    basic, crude, cursory, formless, hasty, imperfect, incomplete, quick, raw, rough-and-ready, rough-hewn, rudimentary, shapeless, sketchy, unfinished, unpolished, unrefined, untutored  
10    crude, raw, rough-hewn, uncut, undressed, unhewn, unpolished, unprocessed, unwrought  
11    amorphous, approximate, estimated, foggy, general, hazy, imprecise, inexact, sketchy, vague  
12    draft, mock-up, outline, preliminary sketch, suggestion  
13      (informal)   bruiser, bully boy, casual, lager lout, ned     (slang)   roughneck     (slang)   rowdy, ruffian, thug, tough  
14    rough out      adumbrate, block out, delineate, draft, outline, plan, sketch, suggest  
15    rough up      bash up     (informal)   batter, beat the living daylights out of     (informal)   beat up, do over     (Brit., Austral., & N.Z. slang)   knock about or around, maltreat, manhandle, mistreat, thrash, work over     (slang)  
1    even, level, regular, smooth, unbroken  
2    smooth, soft  
3    calm, gentle, quiet, smooth, tranquil  
4    civil, considerate, courteous, courtly, delicate, elegant, graceful, gracious, pleasant, polite, refined, smooth, sophisticated, urbane, well-bred, well-mannered  
5    gentle, just, kind, mild, pleasant, quiet, soft  
7    harmonious, smooth  
8    comfortable, cushy     (informal)   easy, pleasant, soft  
9    complete, detailed, finished, perfected, polished, refined, specific  
10    smooth  
11    exact, perfected, specific  

adequate, cobbled together, crude, improvised, makeshift, provisional, sketchy, stopgap, thrown together, unpolished, unrefined  
      n   affray     (Law)   brawl, donnybrook, dust-up     (informal)   fight, fracas, melee or mêlée, punch-up     (Brit. informal)   roughhouse     (slang)   scrap     (informal)   scrimmage, scuffle, shindig     (informal)   shindy     (informal)   struggle  
      adj   boisterous, disorderly, haphazard, indisciplined, irregular, rough, rowdy, scrambled, scrambling  

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