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1    affected with rot; decomposing, decaying, or putrid  
2    breaking up, esp. through age or hard use; disintegrating  
rotten ironwork     
3    morally despicable or corrupt  
4    untrustworthy, disloyal, or treacherous  
5    Informal   unpleasant, unfortunate, or nasty  
rotten luck, rotten weather     
6    Informal   unsatisfactory or poor  
rotten workmanship     
7    Informal   miserably unwell  
8    Informal   distressed, uncomfortable, and embarrassed  
I felt rotten when I told him to go     
9    (of rocks, soils, etc.) soft and crumbling, esp. as a result of weathering  
10    Slang     (chiefly Austral. and N.Z.)   intoxicated; drunk  
11    extremely; very much  
men fancy her rotten     
     (C13: from Old Norse rottin; related to Old English rotian to rot1)  
  rottenly      adv  
   rottenness             n  
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