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1    something given or received in return for a deed or service rendered  
2    a sum of money offered, esp. for help in finding a criminal or for the return of lost or stolen property  
3    profit or return  
4    something received in return for good or evil; deserts  
5      (Psychol)   any pleasant event that follows a response and therefore increases the likelihood of the response recurring in the future  
6    tr   to give (something) to (someone), esp. in gratitude for a service rendered; recompense  
     (C14: from Old Norman French rewarder to regard, from re- + warder to care for, guard, of Germanic origin; see ward)  
  rewardable      adj  
  rewarder      n  
  rewardless      adj  

reward claim  
      n     (Austral. history)   a claim granted to a miner who discovered gold in a new area  
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1    benefit, bonus, bounty, compensation, gain, honour, meed     (archaic)   merit, payment, premium, prize, profit, recompense, remuneration, repayment, requital, return, wages  
2    comeuppance     (slang)   desert, just deserts, punishment, requital, retribution  
3    compensate, honour, make it worth one's while, pay, recompense, remunerate, repay, requite  
,       n  
1    fine, penalty, punishment  
      vb   fine, penalize, punish  

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tempting someone with promise of reward (an attractive person in general) to reveal information or to test one's partner loyalty, faithfulness : can be for lovers, business partners, espionage
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