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      vb   mainly tr  
1    to look at or examine again  
to review a situation     
2    to look back upon (a period of time, sequence of events, etc.); remember  
he reviewed his achievements with pride     
3    to inspect, esp. formally or officially  
the general reviewed his troops     
4    to read through or go over in order to correct  
5      (Law)   to re-examine (a decision) judicially  
6    to write a critical assessment of (a book, film, play, concert, etc.), esp. as a profession  
7      (Also called)    reviewal   the act or an instance of reviewing  
8    a general survey or report  
a review of the political situation     
9    a critical assessment of a book, film, play, concert, etc., esp. one printed in a newspaper or periodical  
a    a publication containing such articles  
b    (cap. when part of a name)  
the Saturday Review     
11    a second consideration; re-examination  
12    a retrospective survey  
13    a formal or official inspection  
14       a U.S. and Canadian word for       revision       2  
15      (Law)   judicial re-examination of a case, esp. by a superior court  
16       a less common spelling of       revue  
     (C16: from French, from revoir to see again, from Latin re- re- + videre to see)  
  reviewable      adj  
   reviewer             n  
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