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      vb   tr  
1    to drive back or ward off (an attacking force); repel; rebuff  
2    to reject with coldness or discourtesy  
she repulsed his advances     
3    to produce a feeling of aversion or distaste  
4    the act or an instance of driving back or warding off; rebuff  
5    a cold discourteous rejection or refusal  
     (C16: from Latin repellere to drive back, repel)  
  repulser      n  
Some people think that the use of repulse in sentences such as he was repulsed by what he saw is incorrect and that the correct word is repel  
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1    beat off, check, defeat, drive back, fight off, rebuff, repel, throw back, ward off  
2    disdain, disregard, give the cold shoulder to, rebuff, refuse, reject, snub, spurn, turn down  
3    check, defeat, disappointment, failure, reverse  
4    cold shoulder, kick in the teeth     (slang)   knock-back     (slang)   rebuff, refusal, rejection, snub, spurning, the (old) heave-ho     (informal)  

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