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1    an account prepared for the benefit of others, esp. one that provides information obtained through investigation and published in a newspaper or broadcast  
2    a statement made widely known; rumour  
according to report, he is not dead     
3    an account of the deliberations of a committee, body, etc.  
a report of parliamentary proceedings     
4      (Brit)   a statement on the progress, academic achievement, etc., of each child in a school, written by teachers and sent to the parents or guardian annually or each term  
5    a written account of a case decided at law, giving the main points of the argument on each side, the court's findings, and the decision reached  
6    comment on a person's character or actions; reputation  
he is of good report here     
7    a sharp loud noise, esp. one made by a gun  
      vb   when tr, may take a clause as object; when intr, often foll by: on  
8    to give an account (of); describe  
9    to give an account of the results of an investigation (into)  
to report on housing conditions     
10    (of a committee, legislative body, etc.) to make a formal report on (a bill)  
11    tr   to complain about (a person), esp. to a superior  
I'll report you to the teacher     
12    tr   to reveal information about (a fugitive, escaped prisoner, etc.) esp. concerning his whereabouts  
13    intr   to present oneself or be present at an appointed place or for a specific purpose  
report to the manager's office     
14    intr   to say or show that one is (in a certain state)  
to report fit     
15    intr; foll by: to   to be responsible to and under the authority of  
the plant manager reports to the production controller     
16    intr   to act as a reporter for a newspaper or for radio or television  
17      (Law)   to take down in writing details of (the proceedings of a court of law) as a record or for publication  
     (C14: from Old French, from reporter to carry back, from Latin reportare, from re- + portare to carry)  
  reportable      adj  

annual report  
      n   a report presented by the directors of a company to its shareholders each year, containing the profit-and-loss account, the balance sheet, and details of the past year's activity  
report stage  
      n   the stage preceding the third reading in the passage of a bill through Parliament, at which the bill, as amended in committee, is reported back to the chamber considering it  
social inquiry report  
      n   (in Britain) a report on a person and his or her circumstances, which may be required by a court before sentencing and is made by a probation officer or a social worker from a local authority social services department  
Wolfenden Report  
      n   a study produced in 1957 by the Committee on Homosexual Offences and Prostitution in Britain, which recommended that homosexual relations between consenting adults be legalized  
     (C20: named after Baron John Frederick Wolfenden (1906--85), who chaired the Committee)  
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1    account, announcement, article, communication, communiqué, declaration, description, detail, dispatch, information, message, narrative, news, note, paper, piece, recital, record, relation, statement, story, summary, tale, tidings, version, word, write-up  
2    buzz, gossip, hearsay, rumour, scuttlebutt     (U.S. slang)   talk  
3    character, eminence, esteem, fame, regard, reputation, repute  
4    bang, blast, boom, crack, crash, detonation, discharge, explosion, noise, reverberation, sound  
5    air, announce, bring word, broadcast, circulate, communicate, cover, declare, describe, detail, document, give an account of, inform of, mention, narrate, note, notify, pass on, proclaim, publish, recite, record, recount, relate, relay, state, tell, write up  
6    appear, arrive, be present, clock in or on, come, present oneself, show up     (informal)   turn up  

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! pilot study report n.
отчет об экспериментальном исследовании

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