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      n   pl   , -dies  
1    usually foll by: for or against   any drug or agent that cures a disease or controls its symptoms  
2    usually foll by: for or against   anything that serves to put a fault to rights, cure defects, improve conditions, etc.  
a remedy for industrial disputes     
3    the legally permitted variation from the standard weight or quality of coins; tolerance  
      vb   tr  
4    to relieve or cure (a disease, illness, etc.) by or as if by a remedy  
5    to put to rights (a fault, error, etc.); correct  
     (C13: from Anglo-Norman remedie, from Latin remedium a cure, from remederi to heal again, from re- + mederi to heal; see medical)  
   remediable             adj  
  remediably      adv  
  remediless      adj  
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