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      vb   , -grets, -gretting, -gretted   tr  
1    may take a clause as object or an infinitiv   to feel sorry, repentant, or upset about  
2    to bemoan or grieve the death or loss of  
3    a sense of repentance, guilt, or sorrow, as over some wrong done or an unfulfilled ambition  
4    a sense of loss or grief  
5    pl   a polite expression of sadness, esp. in a formal refusal of an invitation  
     (C14: from Old French regrete, of Scandinavian origin; compare Old Norse grata to weep)  
  regretful      adj  
  regretfully      adv  
  regretfulness      n  
  regrettable      adj  
  regrettably      adv  
  regretter      n  
Regretful and regretfully are sometimes wrongly used where regrettable and regrettably are meant: he gave a regretful smile; he smiled regretfully; this is a regrettable (not regretful) mistake; regrettably (not regretfully), I shall be unable to attend  
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      vb   bemoan, be upset, bewail, cry over spilt milk, deplore, feel remorse for, feel sorry for, grieve, lament, miss, mourn, repent, rue, weep over  
      n   bitterness, compunction, contrition, disappointment, grief, lamentation, pang of conscience, penitence, remorse, repentance, ruefulness, self-reproach, sorrow  
,       vb   be happy, be satisfied, feel satisfaction, have not looked back, rejoice  
      n   callousness, contentment, impenitence, lack of compassion, pleasure, satisfaction  

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