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1    the act of refining or the state of being refined  
2    a fine or delicate point, distinction, or expression; a subtlety  
3    fineness or precision of thought, expression, manners, etc.; polish or cultivation  
4    a device, change, adaptation, etc., designed to improve performance or increase efficiency  
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1    clarification, cleansing, distillation, filtering, processing, purification, rarefaction, rectification  
2    fine point, fine tuning, nicety, nuance, subtlety  
3    breeding, civility, civilization, courtesy, courtliness, cultivation, culture, delicacy, discrimination, elegance, fastidiousness, fineness, finesse, finish, gentility, good breeding, good manners, grace, graciousness, polish, politeness, politesse, precision, sophistication, style, taste, urbanity  

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