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1    to calculate or ascertain by calculating; compute  
2    tr   to include; count as part of a set or class  
I reckon her with the angels     
3    usually passive   to consider or regard  
he is reckoned clever     
4    when tr, takes a clause as object   to think or suppose; be of the opinion  
I reckon you don't know where to go next     
5    intr; foll by: with   to settle accounts (with)  
6    intr; foll by: with or without   to take into account or fail to take into account  
the bully reckoned without John's big brother     
7    intr; foll by: on or upon   to rely or depend  
I reckon on your support in this crisis     
8    tr  
Slang   to regard as good  
I don't reckon your chances of success     
9    tr  
Informal   to have a high opinion of  
she was sensitive to bad reviews, even from people she did not reckon     
10    to be reckoned with   of considerable importance or influence  
     (Old English (ge)recenian recount; related to Old Frisian rekenia, Old High German rehhanón to count)  
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