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1    the faculty of rational argument, deduction, judgment, etc.  
2    sound mind; sanity  
3    a cause or motive, as for a belief, action, etc.  
4    an argument in favour of or a justification for something  
5      (Philosophy)   the intellect regarded as a source of knowledge, as contrasted with experience  
6      (Logic)   grounds for a belief; a premise of an argument supporting that belief  
7    by reason of   because of  
8    in or within reason   within moderate or justifiable bounds  
9    it stands to reason   it is logical or obvious  
it stands to reason that he will lose     
10    listen to reason   to be persuaded peaceably  
11    reasons of State   political justifications for an immoral act  
12    when tr, takes a clause as object   to think logically or draw (logical conclusions) from facts or premises  
13    intr; usually foll by: with   to urge or seek to persuade by reasoning  
14    tr; often foll by: out   to work out or resolve (a problem) by reasoning  
     (C13: from Old French reisun, from Latin ratio reckoning, from reri to think)  
  reasoner      n  
The expression the reason is because... should be avoided. Instead one should say either this is because... or the reason is that.  

Age of Reason  
      n   usually preceded by: the   the 18th century in W Europe  
   See also       Enlightenment  
practical reason   , reasoning  
      n     (Philosophy, logic)  
1    the faculty by which human beings determine how to act  
2    reasoning concerning the relative merits of actions  
3    the principles governing arguments which issue in actions or intentions to act  
sufficient reason  
      n     (Philosophy)  
1    the principle that nothing happens by pure chance, but that an explanation must always be available  
2    the view that such an explanation is a reason for God to have chosen one alternative rather than another  
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1    apprehension, brains, comprehension, intellect, judgment, logic, mentality, mind, ratiocination, rationality, reasoning, sanity, sense(s), sound mind, soundness, understanding  
2    aim, basis, cause, design, end, goal, grounds, impetus, incentive, inducement, intention, motive, object, occasion, purpose, target, warrant, why and wherefore     (informal)  
3    apologia, apology, argument, case, defence, excuse, explanation, exposition, ground, justification, rationale, vindication  
4    bounds, limits, moderation, propriety, reasonableness, sense, sensibleness, wisdom  
5    in or within reason      in moderation, proper, reasonable, sensible, warrantable, within bounds, within limits  
6    conclude, deduce, draw conclusions, infer, make out, ratiocinate, resolve, solve, syllogize, think, work out  
7      (with)       with   argue, bring round     (informal)   debate, dispute, dissuade, expostulate, move, persuade, prevail upon, remonstrate, show (someone) the error of his ways, talk into or out of, urge, win over  
1    emotion, feeling, instinct, sentiment  

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Collaborative Dictionary     English Definition
temporary mental lapse or failure to reason correctly
[informal] Ex:' What was the name of that actor? Damn! I'm having a brain fart!'
the reason for which anything is done, created, or exists (le but)
informal name given to footwear items like socks, home foot covers or plastic foot covers used for hygienical reasons
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