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      vb   , reads, reading, read  
1    to comprehend the meaning of (something written or printed) by looking at and interpreting the written or printed characters  
2    to be occupied in such an activity  
he was reading all day     
3    when tr, often foll by: out   to look at, interpret, and speak aloud (something written or printed)  
he read to us from the Bible     
4    tr   to interpret the significance or meaning of through scrutiny and recognition  
he read the sky and predicted rain, to read a map     
5    tr   to interpret or understand the meaning of (signs, characters, etc.) other than by visual means  
to read Braille     
6    tr   to have sufficient knowledge of (a language) to understand the written or printed word  
do you read German?     
7    tr   to discover or make out the true nature or mood of  
to read someone's mind     
8    to interpret or understand (something read) in a specified way, or (of something read) to convey a particular meaning or impression  
I read this speech as satire, this book reads well     
9    tr   to adopt as a reading in a particular passage  
for ``boon'' read ``bone''     
10    intr   to have or contain a certain form or wording  
the sentence reads as follows     
11    to undertake a course of study in (a subject)  
to read history, read for the bar     
12    to gain knowledge by reading  
he read about the war     
13    tr   to register, indicate, or show  
the meter reads 100     
14    tr   to bring or put into a specified condition by reading  
to read a child to sleep     
15    tr   to hear and understand, esp. when using a two-way radio  
we are reading you loud and clear     
16      (Computing)   to obtain (data) from a storage device, such as magnetic tape  
   Compare       write       16  
17    tr   to understand (written or printed music) by interpretation of the notes on the staff and to be able to reproduce the musical sounds represented by these notes  
18    read a lesson or lecture  
Informal   to censure or reprimand, esp. in a long-winded manner  
19    read between the lines   to perceive or deduce a meaning that is hidden or implied rather than being openly stated  
20    you wouldn't read about it     (Austral)  
informal   an expression of dismay, disgust, or disbelief  
21    matter suitable for reading  
this new book is a very good read     
22    the act of reading,   (See also)        read in       read into       read out       read up  
     (Old English rædan to advise, explain; related to Old Frisian reda, Old High German ratan, Gothic garedan)  
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read          [2]  
1       the past tense and past participle of        read          1  
2    having knowledge gained from books (esp. in the phrases widely read, well-read)  
3    take (something) as read   to take (something) for granted as a fact; understand or presume  

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1    glance at, look at, peruse, pore over, refer to, run one's eye over, scan, study  
2    announce, declaim, deliver, recite, speak, utter  
3    comprehend, construe, decipher, discover, interpret, perceive the meaning of, see, understand  
4    display, indicate, record, register, show  

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Collaborative Dictionary     English Definition
fear of running out of things to read
abbr. acron.
Short for "too long; didn't read".
to localize a website is to translate it in the local language of the ones who will read it.
A list of blogs on a blog (usually placed in the sidebar of a blog) that reads as a list of recommendations by the blogger of other blogs.
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