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a    a fixed allowance of food, provisions, etc., esp. a statutory one for civilians in time of scarcity or soldiers in time of war  
a tea ration     
b    (as modifier)  
a ration book     
2    a sufficient or adequate amount  
you've had your ration of television for today     
      vb   tr  
3    often foll by: out   to distribute (provisions), esp. to an army  
4    to restrict the distribution or consumption of (a commodity) by (people)  
the government has rationed sugar, sugar is short, so I'll have to ration you        (See also)        rations  
     (C18: via French from Latin ratio calculation; see reason)  

K ration  
      n   a small package containing emergency rations used by U.S. and Allied forces in the field in World War II  
     (C20: K, from the initial of the surname of Ancel Keys (born 1904), US physiologist who instigated it)  
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(colloquially) tattoo on the lower back
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