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      vb   , -fies, -fying, -fied  
1    to free (something) of extraneous, contaminating, or debasing matter  
2    tr   to free (a person, etc.) from sin or guilt  
3    tr   to make clean, as in a ritual, esp. the churching of women after childbirth  
     (C14: from Old French purifier, from Late Latin purificare to cleanse, from purus pure + facere to make)  
  purification      n  
  purificatory      adj  
  purifier      n  
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1    clarify, clean, cleanse, decontaminate, disinfect, filter, fumigate, refine, sanitize, wash  
2    absolve, cleanse, exculpate, exonerate, lustrate, redeem, sanctify, shrive  
   adulterate, befoul, contaminate, corrupt, defile, foul, infect, pollute, soil, stain, sully, taint, tarnish, vitiate  

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