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1    tr   to rid (something) of (impure or undesirable elements)  
2    tr   to rid (a state, political party, etc.) of (dissident or troublesome people)  
3    tr  
a    to empty (the bowels) by evacuation of faeces  
b    to cause (a person) to evacuate his bowels  
a    to clear (a person) of a charge  
b    to free (oneself) of guilt, as by atonement  
to purge contempt     
5    intr   to be cleansed or purified  
6    the act or process of purging  
7    the elimination of opponents or dissidents from a state, political party, etc.  
8    a purgative drug or agent; cathartic  
     (C14: from Old French purger, from Latin purgare to purify)  
  purger      n  
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1    axe     (informal)   clean out, dismiss, do away with, eject, eradicate, expel, exterminate, get rid of, kill, liquidate, oust, remove, rid of, rout out, sweep out, wipe from the face of the earth, wipe out  
2    absolve, cleanse, clear, exonerate, expiate, forgive, pardon, purify, wash  
3    cleanup, crushing, ejection, elimination, eradication, expulsion, liquidation, reign of terror, removal, suppression, witch hunt  
4    aperient     (Medical)   cathartic, dose of salts, emetic, enema, laxative, physic     (rare)   purgative     (Medical)  

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