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puff pastry

,   (U.S.)   puff paste  
      n   a dough rolled in thin layers incorporating fat to make a rich flaky pastry for pies, rich pastries, etc.  
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1    blast, breath, draught, emanation, flurry, gust, whiff  
2    drag     (slang)   pull, smoke  
3    bulge, bunching, swelling  
4    advertisement, commendation, favourable mention, good word, plug     (informal)   sales talk  
5    blow, breathe, exhale, gasp, gulp, pant, wheeze  
6    drag     (slang)   draw, inhale, pull at or on, smoke, suck  
7      (usually with)       up   bloat, dilate, distend, expand, inflate, swell  
8    crack up     (informal)   hype, overpraise, plug     (informal)   praise, promote, publicize, push  

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