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      n   pl   , -choses   any form of severe mental disorder in which the individual's contact with reality becomes highly distorted  
   Compare       neurosis  
     (C19: New Latin, from psycho- + -osis)  

affective psychosis  
      n   a severe mental disorder characterized by extreme moods of either depression or mania  
Korsakoff's psychosis   , syndrome  
      n   a mental illness involving severe confusion and inability to retain recent memories, usually caused by alcoholism  
     (C19: named after Sergei Korsakoff (1854--1900), Russian neuropsychiatrist, who described it)  
organic psychosis  
      n   a severe mental illness produced by damage to the brain, as a result of poisoning, alcoholism, disease, etc.  
   Compare       functional       4b  
puerperal psychosis  
      n   a mental disorder sometimes occurring in women after childbirth, characterized by deep depression, delusions of the child's death, and homicidal feelings towards the child  
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