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      vb   , proves, proving, proved, proved, proven   mainly tr  
1    may take a clause as object or an infinitive   to establish or demonstrate the truth or validity of; verify, esp. by using an established sequence of procedures or statements  
2    to establish the quality of, esp. by experiment or scientific analysis  
3      (Law)   to establish the validity and genuineness of (a will)  
4    to show (oneself) able or courageous  
5    copula   to be found or shown (to be)  
this has proved useless, he proved to be invaluable     
6      (Printing)   to take a trial impression of (type, etc.)  
7    intr   (of dough) to rise in a warm place before baking  
8    Archaic   to undergo  
     (C12: from Old French prover, from Latin probare to test, from probus honest)  
  provable      adj  
  provability      n  
  provably      adv  
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1    ascertain, attest, authenticate, bear out, confirm, corroborate, demonstrate, determine, establish, evidence, evince, justify, show, show clearly, substantiate, verify  
2    analyse, assay, check, examine, experiment, put to the test, put to trial, test, try  
3    be found to be, come out, end up, result, turn out  
1    discredit, disprove, give the lie to, refute, rule out  

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Collaborative Dictionary     English Definition
to allege as a fact or prove to be true
generally, an endearment expression used to describe someone who, contrary to the appearances, proves to have strength, determination
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