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      n   any of a large group of nitrogenous compounds of high molecular weight that are essential constituents of all living organisms. They consist of one or more chains of amino acids linked by peptide bonds and are folded into a specific three-dimensional shape maintained by further chemical bonding  
     (C19: via German from Greek proteios primary, from protos first + -in)  
  proteinaceous, proteinic, proteinous      adj  

conjugated protein  
      n   a biochemical compound consisting of a sequence of amino acids making up a simple protein to which another nonprotein group (a prosthetic group), such as a carbohydrate or lipid group, is attached  
single-cell protein  
      n   protein that is produced by micro-organisms fermenting in liquid or gaseous petroleum fractions or other organic substances: used as a food supplement,   (Abbrev.)    SCP  
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