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1    the relationship between different things or parts with respect to comparative size, number, or degree; relative magnitude or extent; ratio  
2    the correct or desirable relationship between parts of a whole; balance or symmetry  
3    a part considered with respect to the whole  
4    pl   dimensions or size  
a building of vast proportions     
5    a share, part, or quota  
6      (Maths)   a relationship that maintains a constant ratio between two variable quantities  
x increases in direct proportion to y     
7      (Maths)   a relationship between four numbers or quantities in which the ratio of the first pair equals the ratio of the second pair  
      vb   tr  
8    to adjust in relative amount, size, etc.  
9    to cause to be harmonious in relationship of parts  
     (C14: from Latin proportio (a translation of Greek analogia), from phrase pro portione, literally: for (its, his, one's) portion)  
  proportionable      adj  
  proportionability      n  
   proportionably             adv  
  proportionment      n  
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