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1      (Biology)   to reproduce or cause to reproduce; breed  
2    tr     (Horticulture)   to produce (plants) by layering, grafting, cuttings, etc.  
3    tr   to promulgate; disseminate  
4      (Physics)   to move through, cause to move through, or transmit, esp. in the form of a wave  
to propagate sound     
5    tr   to transmit (characteristics) from one generation to the next  
     (C16: from Latin propagare to increase (plants) by cuttings, from propages a cutting, from pangere to fasten)  
  propagation      n  
  propagational      adj  
  propagative      adj  
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1    beget, breed, engender, generate, increase, multiply, procreate, produce, proliferate, reproduce  
2    broadcast, circulate, diffuse, disseminate, make known, proclaim, promote, promulgate, publicize, publish, spread, transmit  
2    cover up, hide, hush up, keep under wraps, stifle, suppress, withhold  

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