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1    penetrating deeply into subjects or ideas  
a profound mind     
2    showing or requiring great knowledge or understanding  
a profound treatise     
3    situated at or extending to a great depth  
4    reaching to or stemming from the depths of one's nature  
profound regret     
5    intense or absolute  
profound silence     
6    thoroughgoing; extensive  
profound changes     
7    Archaic or literary   a great depth; abyss  
     (C14: from Old French profund, from Latin profundus deep, from pro-1 + fundus bottom)  
  profoundly      adv  
  profoundness, profundity      n  
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1    abstruse, deep, discerning, erudite, learned, penetrating, philosophical, recondite, sagacious, sage, serious, skilled, subtle, thoughtful, weighty, wise  
2    abysmal, bottomless, cavernous, deep, fathomless, yawning  
3    abject, acute, deeply felt, extreme, great, heartfelt, heartrending, hearty, intense, keen, sincere  
4    absolute, complete, consummate, exhaustive, extensive, extreme, far-reaching, intense, out-and-out, pronounced, serious     (informal)   thoroughgoing, total, unqualified, utter  
1    imprudent, stupid, thoughtless, uneducated, uninformed, unknowledgeable, unwise  
3    insincere, shallow  
4    slight, superficial  

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Mydriasis Unilateral : because medication, loss of Eye inervation . Bilateral profound pupillary areflexia isssen in very profound Coma , Cardiac Arrest or in Death
medical term
patient in prehospital setting in Profound Coma or in Cardiac Arrest that could be a Donor afer hospital verification of cerebral death and none contraindications
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