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1    often pl   excess of revenues over outlays and expenses in a business enterprise over a given period of time, usually a year  
2    the monetary gain derived from a transaction  
a    income derived from property or an investment, as contrasted with capital gains  
b    the ratio of this income to the investment or principal  
4      (Economics)  
a    the income or reward accruing to a successful entrepreneur and held to be the motivating factor of all economic activity in a capitalist economy  
b    (as modifier)  
the profit motive     
5    a gain, benefit, or advantage  
6    to gain or cause to gain profit  
     (C14: from Latin profectus advance, from proficere to make progress; see proficient)  
  profiter      n  
  profitless      adj  

gross profit  
      n     (Accounting)   the difference between total revenue from sales and the total cost of purchases or materials, with an adjustment for stock  
net profit  
      n   gross profit minus all operating costs not included in the calculation of gross profit, esp. wages, overheads, and depreciation  
non-profit-making   ,   (often U.S.)   nonprofit  
      adj   not yielding a profit, esp. because organized or established for some other reason  
a non-profit-making organization     
preacquisition profit  
      n   the retained profit of a company earned before a takeover and therefore not eligible for distribution as a dividend to the shareholders of the acquiring company  
profit and loss  
      n     (Book-keeping)   an account compiled at the end of a financial year showing that year's revenue and expense items and indicating gross and net profit or loss  
profit centre  
      n   a unit or department of a company that is responsible for its costs and its profits  
      n   a system in which a portion of the net profit of a business is distributed to its employees, usually in proportion to their wages or their length of service  
profit taking  
      n   selling commodities, securities, etc., at a profit after a rise in market values or before an expected fall in values  
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1      (often plural)    boot     (dialect)   bottom line, earnings, emoluments, gain, percentage     (informal)   proceeds, receipts, return, revenue, surplus, takings, winnings, yield  
2    advancement, advantage, avail, benefit, gain, good, interest, mileage     (informal)   use, value  
3    aid, avail, benefit, be of advantage to, better, contribute, gain, help, improve, promote, serve, stand in good stead  
4    capitalize on, cash in on     (informal)   exploit, learn from, make capital of, make good use of, make the most of, put to good use, rake in     (informal)   reap the benefit of, take advantage of, turn to advantage or account, use, utilize  
5    clean up     (informal)   clear, earn, gain, make a good thing of     (informal)   make a killing     (informal)   make money  

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