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1    to affirm or announce (something, such as faith); acknowledge  
to profess ignorance, to profess a belief in God     
2    tr   to claim (something, such as a feeling or skill, or to be or do something), often insincerely or falsely  
to profess to be a skilled driver     
3    to receive or be received into a religious order, as by taking vows  
     (C14: from Latin profiteri to confess openly, from pro-1 + fateri to confess)  
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1    acknowledge, admit, affirm, announce, assert, asseverate, aver, avow, certify, confess, confirm, declare, maintain, own, proclaim, state, vouch  
2    act as if, allege, call oneself, claim, dissemble, fake, feign, let on, make out, pretend, purport, sham  

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