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      n   pl   , -gies  
1    a person, esp. a child, of unusual or marvellous talents  
2    anything that is a cause of wonder and amazement  
3    something monstrous or abnormal  
4       an archaic word for       omen  
     (C16: from Latin prodigium an unnatural happening, from pro-1 + -igium, probably from aio I say)  

infant prodigy  
      n   an exceptionally talented child  
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1    brainbox, child genius, genius, mastermind, talent, whizz     (informal)   whizz kid     (informal)   wizard, wonder child, wunderkind  
2    marvel, miracle, one in a million, phenomenon, rare bird     (informal)   sensation, wonder  
3    abnormality, curiosity, freak, grotesque, monster, monstrosity, mutation, spectacle  

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