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1    tr   to search into or question closely  
2    to examine (something) with or as if with a probe  
3    something that probes, examines, or tests  
4      (Surgery)   a slender and usually flexible instrument for exploring a wound, sinus, etc.  
5    a thorough inquiry, such as one by a newspaper into corrupt practices  
6      (Electronics)   a lead connecting to or containing a measuring or monitoring circuit used for testing  
7      (Electronics)   a conductor inserted into a waveguide or cavity resonator to provide coupling to an external circuit  
8    any of various devices that provide a coupling link, esp. a flexible tube extended from an aircraft to link it with another so that it can refuel  
9       See       space probe  
     (C16: from Medieval Latin proba investigation, from Latin probare to test)  
  probeable      adj  
  prober      n  

electron probe microanalysis  
      n   a technique for the analysis of a very small amount of material by bombarding it with a narrow beam of electrons and examining the resulting X-ray emission spectrum  
space probe  
      n   a vehicle, such as a satellite, equipped to obtain scientific information, normally transmitted back to earth by radio, about the atmosphere, surface, and temperature of a planet, conditions in space, etc.  
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1    examine, explore, go into, investigate, look into, query, research, scrutinize, search, sift, sound, test, verify, work over  
2    explore, feel around, poke, prod  
3    detection, examination, exploration, inquest, inquiry, investigation, research, scrutiny, study  

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