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1    a person or business engaged in printing  
2    a machine or device that prints  
3      (Computing)   an output device for printing results on paper  

chain printer  
      n   a line printer in which the type is on a continuous chain, used to print computer output  
dot-matrix printer  
      n     (Computing)   a printer in which each character is produced by a subset of an array of needles at the printhead  
electrothermal printer  
      n     (Computing)   a printer that produces characters by burning the image on specially coated paper,   (Also called)    thermal printer  
image printer  
      n     (Computing)   a printer which uses optical technology to produce an image of a complete page from digital input  
impact printer  
      n   any printing device in which the printing surface strikes the paper, such as a traditional typewriter or a line printer  
   See also       non-impact printer  
jobbing printer  
      n   one who prints mainly commercial and display work rather than books or newspapers  
laser printer  
      n   a quiet high-quality computer printer that uses a laser beam shining on a photoconductive drum to produce characters, which are then transferred to paper  
line printer  
      n   an electromechanical device that prints a line of characters at a time rather than a character at a time, at speeds from about 200 to 3000 lines per minute: used in printing and in computer systems  
non-impact printer  
      n     (Computing)   any printing device in which the images are created without being struck on to the paper, such as a laser printer or ink-jet printer  
printer's devil  
      n   an apprentice or errand boy in a printing establishment  
thermal printer  
      n     (Computing)      another name for       electrothermal printer  
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