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principal focus


      n      another name for       focal point  
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focal point  
1      (Also called)    principal focus, focus          the point on the axis of a lens or mirror to which parallel rays of light converge or from which they appear to diverge after refraction or reflection  
2    a central point of attention or interest  

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      adj   prenominal  
1    first in importance, rank, value, etc.; chief  
2    denoting or relating to capital or property as opposed to interest, etc.  
3    a person who is first in importance or directs some event, action, organization, etc.  
4    (in Britain) a civil servant of an executive grade who is in charge of a section  
5      (Law)  
a    a person who engages another to act as his agent  
b    an active participant in a crime  
c    the person primarily liable to fulfil an obligation  
6    the head of a school or other educational institution  
7    (in Scottish schools) a head of department  
8      (Finance)  
a    capital or property, as contrasted with the income derived from it  
b    the original amount of a debt on which interest is calculated  
9    a main roof truss or rafter  
10      (Music)  
a    the chief instrumentalist in a section of the orchestra  
b    one of the singers in an opera company  
c    either of two types of open diapason organ stops, one of four-foot length and pitch and the other of eight-foot length and pitch  
11    the leading performer in a play  
     (C13: via Old French from Latin principalis chief, from princeps chief man, prince)  
  principally      adv  
  principalship      n  
See at principle  

principal axis  
1    the line passing through the centres of curvature of the faces of a lens or a curved mirror  
2    any of three mutually perpendicular axes about which the moment of inertia of a body is maximum  
principal boy  
      n   the leading male role in a pantomime, played by a woman  
principal focus  
      n      another name for       focal point  
principal nursing officer  
      n   a grade of nurse concerned with administration in the British National Health Service  
principal parts  
      pl n  
1      (Grammar)   the main inflected forms of a verb, from which all other inflections may be deduced. In English they are generally considered to consist of the third person present singular, present participle, past tense, and past participle  
2    the sides and interior angles of a triangle  

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1    arch, capital, cardinal, chief, controlling, dominant, essential, first, foremost, highest, key, leading, main, most important, paramount, pre-eminent, primary, prime, strongest  
2    boss     (informal)   chief, director, head, leader, master, ruler, superintendent  
3    dean, director, head     (informal)   headmaster, headmistress, head teacher, master, rector  
4    assets, capital, capital funds, money  
5    first violin, lead, leader, star  
   auxiliary, inferior, minor, subordinate, subsidiary, supplementary, weakest  

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Collaborative Dictionary     English Definition
Public Health principal task of a Samu . Reception Evaluation, Triaging of Medical Emergencies through Medical Hotline.
See also Medical Regulator Physician
Something or someone that becomes the focus of others' criticism or blame
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