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1    first in importance, degree, rank, etc.  
2    first in position or time, as in a series  
3    fundamental; basic  
4    being the first stage; elementary  
5    prenominal   of or relating to the education of children up to the age of 11  
6    (of the flight feathers of a bird's wing) growing from the manus  
a    being the part of an electric circuit, such as a transformer or induction coil, in which a changing current induces a current in a neighbouring circuit  
a primary coil     
b    (of a current) flowing in such a circuit  
   Compare       secondary  
a    (of a product) consisting of a natural raw material; unmanufactured  
b    (of production or industry) involving the extraction or winning of such products. Agriculture, fishing, forestry, hunting, and mining are primary industries  
   Compare       secondary       7       tertiary       2  
9      (Chem)  
a    (of an organic compound) having a functional group attached to a carbon atom that is attached to at least two hydrogen atoms  
b    (of an amine) having only one organic group attached to the nitrogen atom; containing the group NH2  
c    (of a salt) derived from a tribasic acid by replacement of one acidic hydrogen atom with a metal atom or electropositive group  
10      (Linguistics)  
a    derived from a word that is not a derivation but the ultimate form itself. Lovable is a primary derivative of love  
b    (of Latin, Greek, or Sanskrit tenses) referring to present or future time  
   Compare       historic       3  
11      (Geology, obsolete)   relating to the Palaeozoic or earlier eras  
      n   pl   , -ries  
12    a person or thing that is first in rank, occurrence, etc.  
13      (in the U.S.)  
a    a preliminary election in which the voters of a state or region choose a party's convention delegates, nominees for office, etc.  
   See also       closed primary       direct primary       open primary  
b    a local meeting of voters registered with one party to nominate candidates, select convention delegates, etc.,   (Full name)    primary election  
14       See       primary colour  
15    any of the flight feathers growing from the manus of a bird's wing  
16    a primary coil, winding, inductance, or current in an electric circuit  
17      (Astronomy)   a celestial body around which one or more specified secondary bodies orbit  
the sun is the primary of the earth     
     (C15: from Latin primarius of the first rank, principal, from primus first)  

closed primary  
      n     (U.S. government)   a primary in which only members of a particular party may vote  
   Compare       open primary  
direct primary  
      n     (U.S. government)   a primary in which voters directly select the candidates who will run for office  
open primary  
      n     (U.S. government)   a primary in which any registered voter may participate  
   Compare       closed primary  
primary accent   , stress  
      n     (Linguistics)   the strongest accent in a word or breath group, as that on the first syllable of agriculture  
   Compare       secondary accent  
primary cell  
      n   an electric cell that generates an electromotive force by the direct and usually irreversible conversion of chemical energy into electrical energy. It cannot be recharged efficiently by an electric current,   (Also called)    voltaic cell      Compare       secondary cell  
primary colour  
1      (Also called)    additive primary   any of three spectral colours (usually red, green, and blue) that can be mixed to match any other colour, including white light but excluding black  
2      (Also called)    subtractive primary   any one of the spectral colours cyan, magenta, or yellow that can be subtracted from white light to match any other colour. An equal mixture of the three produces a black pigment  
3      (Also called)    psychological primary   any one of the colours red, yellow, green, or blue. All other colours look like a mixture of two or more of these colours and they play a unique role in the processing of colour by the visual system,   (See also)        secondary colour       complementary colour  
primary effect  
      n     (Psychol)   the process whereby the first few items on a list are learnt more rapidly than the middle items  
primary election  
      n      See       primary       13  
primary processes  
      pl n     (Psychoanal)   unconscious, irrational thought processes, such as condensation or displacement, governed by the pleasure principle  
   Compare       secondary processes  
primary qualities  
      pl n   (in empiricist philosophy) those properties of objects that are directly known by experience, such as size, shape, and number  
primary school  
1    (in Britain) a school for children below the age of 11. It is usually divided into an infant and a junior section  
2    (in the U.S. and Canada) a school equivalent to the first three or four grades of elementary school, sometimes including a kindergarten  
primary stress  
      n     (Linguistics)      another term for       primary accent  
psychological primary  
      n   one of a set of perceived colours (red, yellow, blue, green, black, and white) that can be used to characterize all other perceived colours  
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1    best, capital, cardinal, chief, dominant, first, greatest, highest, leading, main, paramount, prime, principal, top  
2    aboriginal, earliest, initial, original, primal, primeval, primitive, primordial, pristine  
3    basic, beginning, bog-standard     (informal)   elemental, essential, fundamental, radical, ultimate, underlying  
4    elementary, introductory, rudimentary, simple  
1    inferior, lesser, lowest, subordinate, supplementary, unimportant  
4    ensuing, following, later, secondary, subsequent, succeeding  

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Primary School Examination
primary, main, basic
abbr. acron.
Waste to Energy; Waste-to-energy (WtE) or energy-from-waste (EfW) is the process of generating energy in the form of electricity and/or heat from the primary treatment of waste
1 Ambulance and Primary Care medical emergencies 2 Ambulance Emergency Care
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