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,   (fem.)   priestess         
1      (Christianity)   a person ordained to act as a mediator between God and man in administering the sacraments, preaching, blessing, guiding, etc.  
2    (in episcopal Churches) a minister in the second grade of the hierarchy of holy orders, ranking below a bishop but above a deacon  
3    a minister of any religion  
4      (Judaism)   a descendant of the family of Aaron who has certain privileges in the synagogue service  
5    (in some non-Christian religions) an official who offers sacrifice on behalf of the people and performs other religious ceremonies  
6    sometimes cap   a variety of fancy pigeon having a bald pate with a crest or peak at the back of the head  
7      (Angling)   a small club used to kill fish caught  
      vb   tr  
8    to make a priest; ordain,   (Related adj)        hieratic  
     (Old English preost, apparently from presbyter; related to Old High German prester, Old French prestre)  
  priestlike      adj  
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