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1    an animal hunted or captured by another for food  
2    a person or thing that becomes the victim of a hostile person, influence, etc.  
3    bird or beast of prey   a bird or animal that preys on others for food  
4       an archaic word for       booty  
      vb   intr; often foll by: on or upon  
5    to hunt or seize food by killing other animals  
6    to make a victim (of others), as by profiting at their expense  
7    to exert a depressing or obsessive effect (on the mind, spirits, etc.); weigh heavily (upon)  
     (C13: from Old French preie, from Latin praeda booty; see predatory)  
  preyer      n  

beast of prey  
      n   any animal that hunts other animals for food  
bird of prey  
      n   a bird, such as a hawk, eagle, or owl, that hunts and kills other animals, esp. vertebrates, for food. It has strong talons and a sharp hooked bill  
   Related adj       raptorial  
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1    game, kill, quarry  
2    dupe, fall guy     (informal)   mark, mug     (Brit. slang)   target, victim  
3    devour, eat, feed upon, hunt, live off, seize  
4    blackmail, bleed     (informal)   bully, exploit, intimidate, take advantage of, terrorize, victimize  
5    burden, distress, hang over, haunt, oppress, trouble, weigh down, weigh heavily, worry  

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