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      vb   intr  
1    often foll by: over or against   to prove superior; gain mastery  
skill will prevail     
2    to be or appear as the most important feature; be prevalent  
3    to exist widely; be in force  
4    often foll by: on or upon   to succeed in persuading or inducing  
     (C14: from Latin praevalere to be superior in strength, from prae beyond + valere to be strong)  
  prevailer      n  
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1    be victorious, carry the day, gain mastery, overcome, overrule, prove superior, succeed, triumph, win  
2    abound, be current, be prevalent, be widespread, exist generally, obtain, predominate, preponderate  
3      (often with)       on or upon   bring round, convince, dispose, incline, induce, influence, persuade, prompt, sway, talk into, win over  

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