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a    a piece of music that precedes a fugue, or forms the first movement of a suite, or an introduction to an act in an opera, etc.  
b    (esp. for piano) a self-contained piece of music  
2    something serving as an introduction or preceding event, occurrence, etc.  
3    to serve as a prelude to (something)  
4    tr   to introduce by a prelude  
     (C16: (n) from Medieval Latin praeludium, from prae before + -ludium entertainment, from Latin ludus play; (vb) from Late Latin praeludere to play beforehand, rehearse, from ludere to play)  
   preluder             n  
  preludial      adj  
  prelusion      n  
  prelusory      adj  
  prelusively, prelusorily      adv  

chorale prelude  
      n   a composition for organ using a chorale as a cantus firmus or as the basis for variations  
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