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1    the act of preferring  
2    something or someone preferred  
3      (Law)  
a    the settling of the claims of one or more creditors before or to the exclusion of those of the others  
b    a prior right to payment, as of a dividend or share in the assets of a company in the event of liquidation  
4      (International trade)   the granting of favour or precedence to particular foreign countries, as by levying differential tariffs  

liquidity preference  
      n     (Economics)   the desire to hold money rather than other assets, in Keynsian theory based on motives of transactions, precaution, and speculation  
preference shares  
      pl n     (Brit. and Austral)   shares representing part of the capital issued by a company and entitling their holders to priority with respect to both net profit and net assets. Preference shares usually carry a definite rate of dividend that is generally lower than that declared on ordinary shares,   (U.S. and Canadian name)    preferred stock      Compare       ordinary shares       preferred ordinary shares  
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1    bag     (slang)   choice, cup of tea     (informal)   desire, election, favourite, first choice, option, partiality, pick, predilection, selection, top of the list  
2    advantage, favoured treatment, favouritism, first place, precedence, pride of place, priority  

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