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      vb   mainly tr  
1    also intr; when tr, may take a clause as object   to proclaim, declare, or affirm  
2    to imply or connote  
3    foll by: on or upon   to base or found (a proposition, argument, etc.)  
4      (Logic)  
a    to assert or affirm (a property, characteristic, or condition) of the subject of a proposition  
b    to make (a term, expression, etc.) the predicate of a proposition  
5      (Grammar)  
a    the part of a sentence in which something is asserted or denied of the subject of a sentence; one of the two major components of a sentence, the other being the subject  
b    (as modifier)  
a predicate adjective     
6      (Logic)  
a    an expression that is derived from a sentence by the deletion of a name  
b    a property, characteristic, or attribute that may be affirmed or denied of something. The categorial statement all men are mortal relates two predicates, is a man and is mortal  
c    the term of a categorial proposition that is affirmed or denied of its subject. In this example all men is the subject, and mortal is the predicate  
d    a function from individuals to truth values, the truth set of the function being the extension of the predicate  
7    of or relating to something that has been predicated  
     (C16: from Latin praedicare to assert publicly, from prae in front, in public + dicere to say)  
   predication             n  
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