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1    strictly correct in amount or value  
a precise sum     
2    designating a certain thing and no other; particular  
this precise location     
3    using or operating with total accuracy  
precise instruments     
4    strict in observance of rules, standards, etc.  
a precise mind     
     (C16: from French précis, from Latin praecidere to curtail, from prae before + caedere to cut)  
  precisely      adv  
  preciseness      n  
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1    absolute, accurate, actual, clear-cut, correct, definite, exact, explicit, express, fixed, literal, particular, specific, strict, unequivocal  
2    careful, ceremonious, exact, fastidious, finicky, formal, inflexible, meticulous, nice, particular, prim, punctilious, puritanical, rigid, scrupulous, stiff, strict  
1    ambiguous, careless, equivocal, incorrect, indefinite, indistinct, inexact, loose, vague  
2    flexible, haphazard, inexact, informal, relaxed, unceremonious  

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