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1      (Meteorol)  
a    rain, snow, sleet, dew, etc., formed by condensation of water vapour in the atmosphere  
b    the deposition of these on the earth's surface  
c    the amount precipitated  
2    the production or formation of a chemical precipitate  
3    the act of precipitating or the state of being precipitated  
4    rash or undue haste  
5      (Spiritualism)   the appearance of a spirit in bodily form; materialization  

electrostatic precipitation  
      n     (Chem)   the removal of suspended solid particles from a gas by giving them an electric charge and attracting them to charged plates  
precipitation hardening  
      n     (Metallurgy)   a process in which alloys are strengthened by the formation, in their lattice, of a fine dispersion of one component when the metal is quenched from a high temperature and aged at an intermediate temperature  
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