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a    an enclosed area or building marked by a fixed boundary such as a wall  
b    such a boundary  
2    an area in a town, often closed to traffic, that is designed or reserved for a particular purpose  
a shopping precinct, pedestrian precinct     
3      (U.S.)  
a    a district of a city for administrative or police purposes  
b    the police responsible for such a district  
4      (U.S.)   a polling or electoral district  
     (C15: from Medieval Latin praecinctum (something) surrounded, from Latin praecingere to gird around, from prae before, around + cingere to gird)  

shopping precinct  
      n   a pedestrian area containing shops, restaurants, etc., forming a single architectural unit and usually providing car-parking facilities  
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1    bound, boundary, confine, enclosure, limit  
2    area, district, quarter, section, sector, zone  

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