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prayer beads


      pl n     (R.C. Church)   the beads of the rosary  
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prayer          [1]  
a    a personal communication or petition addressed to a deity, esp. in the form of supplication, adoration, praise, contrition, or thanksgiving  
b    any other form of spiritual communion with a deity  
2    a similar personal communication that does not involve adoration, addressed to beings venerated as being closely associated with a deity, such as angels or saints  
3    the practice of praying  
prayer is our solution to human problems     
4    often pl   a form of devotion, either public or private, spent mainly or wholly praying  
morning prayers     
5    cap when part of a recognized name   a form of words used in praying  
the Lord's Prayer     
6    an object or benefit prayed for  
7    an earnest request, petition, or entreaty  
8      (Law)   a request contained in a petition to a court for the relief sought by the petitioner  
9    Slang   a chance or hope  
she doesn't have a prayer of getting married     
     (C13 preiere, from Old French, from Medieval Latin precaria, from Latin precarius obtained by begging, from prex prayer)  
  prayerless      adj  

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1    communion, devotion, invocation, litany, orison, supplication  
2    appeal, entreaty, petition, plea, request, suit, supplication  

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