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1    intr   to swagger or strut  
2    intr   to caper, gambol, or dance about  
3    intr  
a    (of a horse) to move with high lively springing steps  
b    to ride a horse that moves in this way  
4    tr   to cause to prance  
5    the act or an instance of prancing  
     (C14 prauncen; perhaps related to German prangen to be in full splendour; compare Danish (dialect) pransk lively, spirited, used of a horse)  
  prancer      n  
  prancingly      adv  
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1    bound, caper, cavort, cut a rug     (informal)   dance, frisk, gambol, jump, leap, romp, skip, spring, trip  
2    parade, show off     (informal)   stalk, strut, swagger, swank     (informal)  

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