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pound of flesh


      n   something that is one's legal right but is an unreasonable demand (esp. in the phrase to have one's pound of flesh)  
     (from Shakespeare's The Merchant of Venice (1596), Act IV, scene i)  
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pound          [1]  
1    when intr, often foll by: on or at   to strike heavily and often  
2    tr   to beat to a pulp; pulverize  
3    tr   to instil by constant drilling  
to pound Latin into him     
4    tr; foll by: out   to produce, as by typing heavily  
5    to walk (the pavement, street, etc.) repeatedly  
he pounded the pavement looking for a job     
6    intr   to throb heavily  
7    a heavy blow; thump  
8    the act of pounding  
     (Old English punian; related to Dutch puin rubble)  
  pounder      n  

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1    batter, beat, beat the living daylights out of, belabour, clobber     (slang)   hammer, pelt, pummel, strike, thrash, thump  
2    bray     (dialect)   bruise, comminute, crush, powder, pulverize, triturate  
3    din into, drub into, drum into, hammer into  
4      (with)       out   bang, beat, hammer, thump  
5    clomp, march, stomp     (informal)   thunder, tramp  
6    beat, palpitate, pitapat, pulsate, pulse, throb  

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be convinced that something is very probable or likely (to happen or be the case)
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