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1    a small flexible baglike container  
a tobacco pouch     
2    a saclike structure in any of various animals, such as the abdominal receptacle marsupium in marsupials or the cheek fold in rodents  
3      (Anatomy)   any sac, pocket, or pouchlike cavity or space in an organ or part  
4       another word for       mailbag  
5       a Scot. word for       pocket  
6    tr   to place in or as if in a pouch  
7    to arrange or become arranged in a pouchlike form  
8    tr   (of certain birds and fishes) to swallow  
     (C14: from Old Norman French pouche, from Old French poche bag; see poke2)  
  pouchy      adj  

brood pouch  
1    a pouch or cavity in certain animals, such as frogs and fishes, in which their eggs develop and hatch  
2       another name for       marsupium  
cheek pouch  
      n   a membranous pouch inside the mouth of many rodents and some other mammals: used for holding food  
gill pouch  
      n   any of a series of paired linear pouches in chordate embryos, arising as outgrowths of the wall of the pharynx. In fish and some amphibians they become the gill slits  
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bag, container, pocket, poke     (dialect)   purse, sack  

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