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1    a position or attitude of the limbs or body  
2    a characteristic manner of bearing the body; carriage  
to have good posture     
3    the disposition of the parts of a visible object  
4    a mental attitude or frame of mind  
5    a state, situation, or condition  
6    a false or affected attitude; pose  
7    to assume or cause to assume a bodily position or attitude  
8    intr   to assume an affected or unnatural bodily or mental posture; pose  
     (C17: via French from Italian postura, from Latin positura, from ponere to place)  
  postural      adj  
  posturer      n  
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1    attitude, bearing, carriage, disposition, mien     (literary)   pose, position, set, stance  
2    circumstance, condition, mode, phase, position, situation, state  
3    attitude, disposition, feeling, frame of mind, inclination, mood, outlook, point of view, stance, standpoint  
4    affect, attitudinize, do for effect, hot-dog     (chiefly U.S.)   make a show, pose, put on airs, show off     (informal)   try to attract attention  

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